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Man of Impact is a user feedback section that enables users to write stories about FD and how he has impacted their lives.

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FD, certainly we've not met but like others, i have followed your story and i'm glad you are a Nigerian. You are a clear-cut representation of the Obama spirit that best captures the yes-we-can attitude.God bless you, God bless Nigeria and God cause his light to shine upon Nigerians. it is also my heart's cry that God would raise more men & women like you who would have Nigeria's interests at heart to make a positive difference.

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FD: a leader of leaders
FD as he is fondly called by his fans is not only a leader but a leader of leaders who God is using to help people to discover their purpose in life, he is a phenomenon, and God's gift to our generation. I pray that HE who started this good work in you will perfect it.

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Daodu O Dennis

please be my mentor
hello, mr. Fela Durotoye, my name is Dennis O Daodu. We have not yet met, and i know are a very busy man so i ll be brief. i own a small consulting business and i am also a young motivational speaker. over the years, you have done fantastic job building your business into one oif the largest in the industry. i am sure you had faced some real challenges when you were first stareting out. well, i am still in those early days, trying to figure everything out. mr Fela Durotoye i would really appreciate if you would consider being my mentor. all that would mean is spending 30mins with you a month, so i could ask you a few questions. and if it please, you make me come over and work for you as an apprentice. i do appreciate it. would you be opened to that? Thanks and God bless. Dennis O Daodu

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Nkiru Ezeugo

Wow! Fela Durotoye replied my mail.
Oh my goodness! I'm speechless! I'm tongue-tied! I don't have the right words. I can hardly believe that "the Fela Durotoye" replied my mail. Honestly Sir, I didn't know what I expected, but definitely not this, probably some computerized message asking me to follow some procedure or sorts. I am immensely grateful, I practically screamed when I saw your mail except that peolple around kinda thought I was loosing it (not that I care). I have long sought for an opportunity like this and I'm glad that God finally answered my prayers and has ordered my steps to finding you. Let me firstly introduce myself officially. My name is Nkiruka N. Ezeugo, a student of International Relations, final year at Covenant University. I am a child of the Most High and have got big dreams. I would be finishing school by June of this year but it feels like school is holding me back and I just want to get out and begin to make things happen. So basically, what I'm engaged in at the moment is a stage I call the "build-up" stage whereby I'm aiming at capacity building in terms of the right attitudes that will help me attain and keep success. Also, I'm trying to package my ideas and gather information as much as I can on their logistics. Almost everyday I wake up, or during my devotions, I'm stormed with ideas of a diverse kind. If you asked me what I wanted to be, I couldn't answer you directly because I can't put it into words but I usually tell people I want to be a female 'Donald Trump' or 'Richard Branson' of my time and better due to their wide range of interests. My passion is Nigeria; it's like I carry a burden for the country and a desire to cause change to its corporate or international image which has been greatly maligned; and this is just an aspect of it. I could go on and but i think I would stop here for now till I hear from you again Sir, and what you have to say to these points of mine. I agree with you Sir, this fire burning in me needs some real focus. Thanks once again, you have no idea the effects on the lives you touch everyday. My Regards, Nkiru.

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Ayeni Ekundayo

Nigeria will change,i will do it even if you cannt get there i will,i believe my passion,my vision,and what GOD told me must come to pass,i believe in you and thanks for taking the lead...i will see you service year will round-up by 26th of feb.the corpers here now believe nigeria can change and if i will be the last man standing...then let me be for this change must come.

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Kunle Buraimoh

Fela Durotoye: Building Nigeria is great!!!
Hello Fela, My name is Kunle Buraimoh (a.k.a Baba Carpenter) we both went to Staff School and Moremi High School in University of Ife now Obafemi Awolowo University. Iím so happy to see your contribution to our county Nigeria though your awareness on falling standard of Nigeria Education and for some other good work you do. Ever since we were young, I know that you will be a great person in the community and I which you the best. Thank, Kunle Buraimoh

yes i can Nigeria

yes i can
Dear Sir, It is a great privilege writing to you. We thank God for what he is doing through you in impacting our Generation. We are YES I CAN Nigeria, a by-product of your prophesy that God is raising 'Great' men not just successful men. An Organization sold out for youth development and Investment Orientation. Our drive is to enlighten the next Generation of Nigeria that breaking their self-installed limitations is the only hope Nigeria has for the future. We are dedicated to the future of young Nigerians. Sir, we will be privileged to have you as our guest speaker in our imminent future-changing conference in the University of Port-Harcourt, with the theme-'The Opportunity in Our Failing Economy'. It is an initiative that starts with the University of Port-Harcourt. Truth be told the economy of Nigeria is sinking but it hasn't sunk, it will totally sink when the leaders of the future have a failed mind. A closed mind is a closed destiny. The destiny of the Economy is in the hands of the Nigerian Youth. Why do we need you sir? Because of your values on Nation and Generation building. As a Nation builder you intend to build Nigeria into the world most desirable Nation to live in by 2025, as a Generation builder, your vision is to raise global leaders who will accept responsibility to build Nigeria. Your mission is to build God's kingdom as well as build institutions, the future and our Nation. Your mandate is to raise an army of Kingdom Financiers. You challenged us to make a positive difference to the country. What inspired our Organization more is when you said "people still view Nigeria with Consumer perspective rather than from a Producer perspective. Consumers see scarcity, challenges, problems but Producers see scarcity as a use of greater profit and challenges as opportunities". Finally you inspired "being loyal to your future than your past". Sir, there will no '2025' fulfillment if the present failing economy discourages the "future captains of industry, commerce and governance". The recent plunging trend in the Stock market, Foreign Exchange sector and Oil sector is a distraction from what has God's in mind for Nigeria. We must motivate and encourage them to create an economy of their own through Long-Term investments. The current development in America is just a confirmation of your change prophesy, that the world is set for the African Youth. We need a Moses that will endorse this move, we need you. The Nigerian Youth should not be distracted by the past and the present but focus on a brighter economy that will build their Nation, shape their continent and change their world. We intend holding the conference by March 2009, full preparation has began, but we haven't set a date because we know you are a busy man and we want it at your convenience but in March 2009. We want you in person not your representation. We believe in your voice and its impact. We cannot afford you but we believe the lord will provide all our needs in his Glory. We thank you for your attention and love for this Nation. We are looking forward to working with you to produce Great men in this Nation. We hope to hear from you soon. God Bless you Sir. Igbanoi David Coordinator YICN


how do set financial goals?
dear fela, thanks for the material, they were quite helpful especially the 7 dimensions in goal setting. pls my question is this: how do set financial goals? i hear pple talk about things like, "how much u want to earn in the next 5yrs?" i mean do i just say any figure and start looking for how to earn it? need your advice. thanks


What you made me get up to do!!! I started this because of your words of inspiration.
ERRANDS specialize in performing errands for people who want to enjoy the luxury of time. ERRANDS is on the cutting edge of what has been around for sometime, but not widely known about. We offer clients the alternative of utilizing the most talked about service of the millennium. Errand service. ERRANDS understand that we live in a world where your success can often be determined by the way you manage your time. It's a precious commodity you cannot afford to waste. ERRANDS is a service designed to assist you personally, so that professionally you are achieving maximum production. You are at work most of your day. You can't balance your work time and your personal time. You have so many errands that you need to complete, but do not have the time. ERRANDS can sort them and have them completed for you so that you do not loose anytime away from work or interrupt your daily schedule. Our mission is to run your errands efficiently in time as well as on time. QUOTE: TIME IS THE ONLY LIMITED RESOURCE WE HAVE, EVERYTHING ELSE IS AN UNLIMITED RESOURCE. 17 Lome Crescent Wuse Zone 7 Abuja. 08025662544 08033122281

Macaulay Yetunde

Who is a LEADER?
A LEADER is someone who can adapt principles to circumstances. A LEADER is someone who can give correction without causing resentment. A LEADER is someone who empowers others. A LEADER is FELA DUROTOYE. Sir, I must confess, your speech at the FUTURE (PRE-AWARDS) CONFERENCE, to me, was really inspirational, because I am the future. Your are highly appreciated. God be with you as you excel.

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